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Let's talk PUPPIES 🐶

Did you add a new furry friend to the family? If so, let us help with getting your pup introduced into the world of grooming!!

Grooming is a routine part of many puppy lives! So making that experience early, safe and friendly is the key to making your pup LOVE this important part!

Bringing your puppy to the grooms at a young age is the best!! We recommend starting your pet in a public salon as soon as they finish their puppy vaccines!! And even sooner at home!

With grooming we are helping keep your pet's skin and coat healthy and manageable!

Bringing your puppy home is the absolute best! Snuggles and puppy kisses are the most memorable things for us humans as well as your puppy!

Starting basic commands, potty training, etc... Are always the first things we worry about when getting home with the young ones!

But... Do we ever really think about what's going to happen with all of that hair?

Sometimes it's thick and curly, thin and straight or fuzzy and making hairy dust bunnies under your couch and even short, straight and making a very nice accessory to that nice dark outfit!

No matter the coat type or breed of pet you may have, starting them young when you want to just snuggle them is the best way to start an introduction at home!

Watching Netflix with your sweet and sleepy new puppy?

You can play with those little toes to get them used to being touch for nail trims, paw pad shaves and haircuts! Same with legs, tails, ears and so on!

If your puppy is what we call a "hair dog" in the salon... For example, a Shih-Tzu, Maltese, Yorkie, Miniature Schnauzer, etc... They will eventually need their hair tamed! Whether by you or us!

Double coated breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Huskys, Australian Shepherds, Great Pyrenees and so many more will need regular brushing as well!

When the time comes, someone will be loosing all of that undercoat and will start showing you what a real Hair Storm is!! If that dead, loose hair isn't removed... It can be compacted and in some cases become matted 😳.

Once hair is matted, there is no brushing it out in severe cases. So always be mindful with your pets hair!

Back to those puppies...

No matter the breed or hair type. Getting them accustomed to being touch on their feet and legs and starting them out with a regular brushing schedule will help them be introduced in a healthy and fun way!

As a groomer myself, I have encountered puppies at 6 months old that have never had a proper introduction or even their first grooming done.

At this point, we let the puppy decide what happens...


Well, if we go in with all of this loud, buzzing, vibrating and SHARP equipment it's going to go many ways. And non of those can be a choice if you push the issue.

First, your puppy is going to be absolutely TERRIFIED! Which creates a bad relationship between myself and the puppy! They now look at me as the stranger that hurt my feelings and took all this weird stuff to my body.

Secondly, puppies are A LOT stronger than you think! They can easily dislocate a limb, pull a muscle and even injur themselves on our equipment!

And here we are again... Being the stranger that hurt me... And for you as a Pet owner, you are definitely not going to be pleased with the groomer.

Third, we cannot create a bond or have any trusting pet if we upset them and make it unpleasant and here... We refuse services to ANY pet, no matter the age if it is creating an environment that is unsafe for us or your pet!

We will not "Hogtie" or use any form of restraint that will cause harm to our staff or clients! We have met a few over the course of our days that will get so upset and rude just because we won't push their pet to just, "get it done"!

We have respect for the clients we groom and we have amazing bonds with them as well!

We respect their boundaries and they respect ours!

So starting young and having a loyal routine at HOME and with your GROOMERS will in the end make a happy and healthy relationship with the entire process!

Dont be afraid to ask for help! We are always open and ready to give educational advice to you to make things easier for you and your pet!

Rest assured we will always take the well being and health of your pets VERY seriously! We will always do our best and give the best that we can to you and your pets!

Our motto is "Pet's LOVE us! Owner's TRUST us!" And we will always work and stay true to that!!

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